Our suppliers

Eshed Ltd imports and markets a wide range of products from the best manufacturers and suppliers in Israel and around the world
With a desire to bring our customers the highest quality products


Huliot is a leading Israeli manufacturer of advanced pipe systems and innovative plastic products. With over 60 years’ experience, Huliot specializes in flow products — water supply, drainage, sewage and gray water recycling — for the Israeli and global markets. Huliot’s comprehensive product line of pipes and fittings for the building and infrastructure sectors are available in all standard diameters and sizes and in a range of plastic materials, including polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene (PE). They are all manufactured and produced using extrusion and the latest injection-molding technologies.


S. Efrati owned by Shaul Efrati is the exclusive importer of Hitachi electric power tools In Israel and owns the central repair laboratory. Hitachi's electric power tools are the technology owners The world's most advanced and victorious in every comparative test against top competitors.


Hofit, is an innovative and creative company based on more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing various plastic products, Contributing to maintaining a clean and green environment. In fact, Hofit is the leading company in the country in its field and inventor Original trenches and other plastic products for the sewer, drainage and infrastructure sectors.


Since 1960, Caribe Italy has been manufacturing latent and visible impoundment tanks with innovative technology that has not yet been seen, the containers are easy and convenient to assemble with full access to all internal parts through the service door.


Plassim Infrastructures Ltd. from Kibbutz Merchavia, specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing of plastic piping systems for various uses including sewerage, water supply, drainage, electric and telecommunication cables, gas distribution, industrial applications, agriculture, plumbing and additional markets.


Medan Technologies imports, and manufactures a wide range of products: pumps, blowers, wastewater and metering equipment, Mixers, surface fans, oxygen, pressure washer, floor washer and fish equipment.


Golan Plastic Products - one of the world's leading companies in the development, production and marketing of domestic and international walking systems Water and flow. The company specializes in technology in which it specializes: Polyethylene cross-linked piping production - Golan Products Company Plastic is the third largest in the world among this prestigious club!